How to get Clickfunnels for cheap

Heard about the awesomeness of Clickfunnels, but the price tag is a bit too much?

No problemo!

Instead of paying a monthly $97, you can get it for just $19.

This plan will enable you to build funnels but is very limited…

So how do you get it?

Clickfunnels Discount #1

Someone has to share a funnel with you, then sign up and use that funnel.

This account only lets you have funnels that have been shared.

The great part is that you can edit these funnels afterward and put your magic touch on it.

Here’s a funnel to get you started, so you’re able to tap into the discount.

Click here to get your funnel:

While this discount is awesome, it comes with limitations. Your Clickfunnels account is limited to 1,000 visitors a month, 3 shared funnels and 10 pages.

This plan is a bit limited for those who want to build out many funnels, but it is great for those who need 1 or 2 funnels. Also, its great for affiliate marketers.

Clickfunnels Discount #2

Another way to get the Clickfunnels discount is to sign up for Clickfunnels…


You cancel right before your 14-day trial is over.

Clickfunnels will try to get you to stay as a customer, therefore they will give you a special discount on Clickfunnels for just $37 a month. Of course, they’re not going to give you full access to Clickfunnels like the $97 a month plan, but it does offer more than the other discount method.

This Clickfunnels discount method will give you up to 5 funnels, 20 pages, and up to 5,000 visitors.

Clickfunnels is one of the best sales funnel builders out there…

These discounts help you get a taste for the potential of Clickfunnels, which is really important if you want to see how far Clickfunnels can help take your business online.

Personally, I was a bit drawn back by the price tag of Clickfunnels. But, after using the software, I instantly made the money back and was more than happy to pay my $97/month.

If the price tag is still a bit intimidating as you didn’t start your online business yet, I would suggest trying to become a Clickfunnels affiliate to help offset the cost. That’s what I did.

I set my mission to take advantage of their generous affiliate program and started to promote Clickfunnels from day 1 of my trial. I used their free affiliate Bootcamp along reading Dotcom Secrets, and was taken away at how easy it was to earn my subscription back.

Clickfunnels affiliate program pays a recurring 40% on their Clickfunnels software. So all you have to do is sign up about 2-3 people as an affiliate and there you have it – a free Clickfunnels account for life.

Clickfunnels pricing shouldn’t deter you – with 2 discount methods above here and the potential to earn your account for free – there should be no reason why you don’t at least give Clickfunnels a try.

See what the hype is about and why everyone is raving about this Clickfunnels software.

The price for trying Clickfunnels is free. Want to try it? Here – just click this link here



I am the founder of Sharing Funnels. My goal is to create a platform that can save Click Funnel users time and money by simply sharing funnels.

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