Can Clickfunnels replace your website?

Here’s a popular question regarding Clickfunnels…

Can Clickfunnels replace your website?

The answer is it all depends… Here’s a quick video to give you an updated answer.

You can technically use Clickfunnels to build a website.

But there are differences.

Clickfunnels and WordPress achieve two different things.

WordPress is a more a versatile publishing tool than Clickfunnels. by a big margin. They are way more options to personalize the look and feel, release blogs, news sites, online forums, and so on that you can refrain from doing with Clickfunnels.

However I think we are comparing apples and oranges here in terms of potential intended uses for a company.

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder, most importantly.

Secondly it is an e-commerce platform for information items, opt-in pages, e-commerce pages, and more.

There is no much better sales funnel developing tool than Clickfunnels. I have actually evaluated a number of them. They all fall short and the business and marketing training that opts for it is leading in the market.

So if your just aiming to use a site for some affiliate pages, a company site, blog site, etc. then a customized WordPress style is probably the method to go for many people.

If you are concentrated on selling products, lead generation, e-commerce and behavioral funnels and scripts, then Clickfunnels is the ideal tool typically.

I recommend to use both for their different uses


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